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    ALSAGGAF SONS CO. LTD. can deliver to you the most elite smart home in SAUDI ARABIA starting from your design and ending with our touch

    In 1976 Mohammed Alsaggaf Group was found focusing on General Contracting for buildings and road constructions. In 2005 ALSAGGAF SONS CO LTD was established as an extension of over than 30 years of experience in construction projects focusing on new technologies and smart home and building automation business. In 2008, ALSAGGAF SONS reactivated construction works to deliver and manage turn key residential and educational projects due to the need for a complete solution in the market. The branch is managed by ALSAGGAF SONS CO. LTD. which started in 2005 as an Automation System and Technology solutions provider. With an experience of 38 years in construction, our management lead the team to accomplish multiple projects. Along with our luxurious international brands in Building automation, we have delivered super elite projects in the past years. We have added a value to the Saudi construction market. In our Building Automation sector, our goal is to market our products by educating the customer about the need of Home & Building Automation as an added value and not only a luxury asset. This is still a strategic focus by ALSAGGAF SONS CO. LTD.

    Along with construction, ALSAGGAF SONS CO. LTD. is specialized in Home Automation Field and Integrated Systems.

    ALSAGGAF SONS CO. LTD vision is to become the leading technological provider for the fields of:
    • Constructions
    • Automation and Control in all their subunits: home, office, and buildings
    • Networking & Design
    • Web Application and Information Systems
    To become a leading educational provider of these technologies to reach a win-win environment and to become a leading distributor of the state-of-art electronics required for these technologies.

  • Work closely as a team with home owners, construction and architecture organization, interior designers, and industries to provide their unique needs in terms of their homes, offices or industries requirements of comfort, convenience, and safety measures by providing the state of the art electronic technology to maintain long term reliability of projects’ outputs.
  • Work closely as a team with educational institutions in providing services to the community by providing the necessary references, educational programs, and consultations related to Automation, Control, Networking, and Web Designing & Application.

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